Choosing the best personal injury attorney on Maui to represent your interest is important.

Facing the legal system on your own is difficult and, in most cases, not recommended.

Lowenthal & Lowenthal has the client’s best interest at heart.

Our team of lawyers is ready to assist you with your case and provide the best legal advice on Maui every step of the way.

Our areas of legal practice include a large number of diverse practice settings and legal matters.

With a strong presence on the island of Maui, our legal team can assist you with Personal Injury cases, Family Law matters and Temporary Restraining Orders.

We pride ourselves on a client focused approach to sensitive law matters.

Our attorneys on Maui have extensive experience and are focused on providing the best representation for clients at the most critical times.


Car Accidents | Slip And Falls | Other injuries
Maui Personal Injury
Personal injury on Maui refers to injuries to the body and mind. The legal term typically describes the type of lawsuit in which you, called the plaintiff, has suffered harm because of someone else’s negligence. We specialize in personal injury advocacy with the utmost compassion for our client’s circumstances. Our attorneys on Maui will assist you with personal injury cases and will help you understand and maximize your compensation you are rightfully entitled to.


Divorce | Child Custody | Child Protective Services
Family Law Maui
Family law is an area of practice that refers to family matters and domestic problems or relations. Our team of attorneys on Maui is available to represent you in divorce and legal separation cases and guide you through the process of child protective proceedings or navigate the complexities of legally adopting a child. We assist in spousal support and mediation, and if necessary fight for your parental rights. Our attorneys on Maui are also ready to represent those seeking guardianship of a minor child or incapacitated adults.


Family Court | District Court
personal injury lawyer Maui
A restraining order is a legal action issued by a court to protect a person in a situation involving alleged abuse. TROs are typically issued to prevent domestic violence, protect victims against stalking, sexual assault or even harassment. Our attorneys on Maui have extensive experience in the matter and are able to assist you with family court temporary restraining orders or district court TRO cases. Our legal team will offer all the legal information you require and guide you through the process of filing temporary restraining orders on Maui.