What is the Difference Between Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Claims?

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Wrongful Death

Many experienced personal injury lawyers, including the dedicated advocates at Lowenthal & Lowenthal, routinely represent clients in wrongful death lawsuits. When you lose a loved one as a result of another party’s negligence or wrongdoing, it can be confusing to learn about personal injury law and wrongful death law, and to understand how you should file a lawsuit. We want … Read More

Five Common Personal Injury Claims in Hawaii

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Personal Injury Claims in Hawaii

As personal injury lawyers in Wailuku, Hawaii, we know that residents and visitors sustain injuries caused by the negligence of others every day. The same types of cases come across our desks year after year, with a disturbing trend of rising incidents. While accidents are inevitably going to happen no matter where you are, it can be helpful to know … Read More

What To Do in Case of Negligent Supervision on Maui

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Negligent Supervision in the Workplace Maui

Have you recently suffered injuries while on another’s commercial property or workplace? If so, you may be a victim of negligent supervision on Maui and may have the right to file a lawsuit. Business owners in the state of Hawaii are required to provide a safe environment for guests and other people reasonable expected to be on their property. The … Read More

5 Common Types of Personal Injury Cases on Maui

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Personal Injury Cases Maui

Have you ever wondered what are the most common types of personal injury cases on Maui? A formal personal injury case begins when an individual files a civil complaint against another party, be it another person, a company or even a government agency. In case the other party was liable for causing harm to the plaintiff, the latter may have … Read More