4 Reasons To Seek Legal Counsel on Maui After an Accident

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Legal Counsel Maui

If you were a victim of an accident that was not your fault, seeking legal counsel on Maui is highly recommended. Whether you were involved in a car crash, or a bicycle, motorcycle or a pedestrian accident, you should consider hiring a lawyer to represent your case.

Many are reluctant to hire a professional because they find it intimidating to deal with an attorney or think it’s unnecessary and/or excessive. However, it is often crucial hire an lawyer when any type of accident occurs.

Before deciding not to seek legal counsel on Maui after an accident, consider these 4 reasons to consult with an attorney.

Legal Counsel Maui

Seeking legal counsel on Maui after an accident will help you avoid costly mistakes

When you have a medical problem, it isn’t recommended to practice medicine on yourself. The same applies to situations when you face the legal system.

Often times, people make the decision to act as their own attorney or choose not to hire a lawyer if the accident was minor. However, even if your injuries or damages were not significant, it is recommended that you seek legal counsel on Maui to ensure all proceeding are accomplished correctly and with the highest level of professionalism. Seemingly innocuous moves, such as a recorded statement to the at-fault insurance company, could prove fatal to your claim.

Facing the legal system can be a time consuming process, and as illustrated above, making a mistake could jeopardize the outcome of the case. Consult with a personal injury lawyer on Maui if you were involved in an accident and avoid any possible costly mistakes.

Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer means working with a professional with intimate knowledge of the law

If there’s a disagreement about who is responsible or if liability isn’t clear, retaining legal counsel on Maui right away is essential.

In order to protect your rights and avoid forfeiting them, hire a personal injury lawyer to represent your case. Someone with experience knows how to appropriate review the facts, and apply them to the law so as to ensure liability is established.

Our team of experienced attorneys in Maui has helped people with serious injuries obtain justice and reasonable compensation. If you have been a victim of a car, bicycle, pedestrian or motorcycle accident, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.

Retaining legal counsel on Maui can help lessen the stress of dealing with legal issues

You’ve just been injured and are getting bombarded with calls from insurance companies. Bills are arriving in the mail. Work is calling asking when you’re coming back. All of this while dealing with your injuries and recovery.

Instead, hiring a lawyer to help with your claim will take away many burdens placed on your life and assist you in getting back to what’s important–your well being and normal life. A good lawyer should take over all aspects of your personal injury case, including taking over correspondence with insurance companies; walking you through complex insurance issues associated with your injuries; and either settle your case pre-suit for the maximum amount, or file a lawsuit and take it to trial.

Working with a professional will help assure a sense of equality between the parties involved

As illustrated above, dealing with accident related issues can quickly become overwhelming. Negotiation with insurance companies or aggressive lawyers can be intimidating for someone without courtroom experience.

Retain legal counsel right away if you feel bullied into taking the blame for causing the accident or if the insurance companies are trying to negotiate the smallest settlement possible.

At Lowenthal & Lowenthal, we understand how being involved in an accident can be a traumatizing experience. Therefore, when a crash results in physical or mental injuries, we can help you level the playing field with insurance claims, reduce or eliminate the unpleasant amount of paperwork and assist you with taking advantage of your personal injury protection benefits.