Maui Medical Malpractice

When a physician falls below the reasonable standard of care, it may result in you being injured.
Our medical malpractice attorneys on Maui will review your medical records on your behalf to assist you in evaluating your case.

Medical malpractice on Maui or Hawaii can occur either by negligence or by act of omission from a healthcare professional.
If the medical error causes injury or even death to a patient, contact our office immediately and consult with one of our personal injury attorneys on how to legally proceed.
Our medical malpractice attorneys have the necessary expertise to get you the outcome you rightfully deserve.
Our success rate is a direct result of years of experience and flawless work ethic.


Types of Maui medical malpractice cases that could result in injury or wrongful death

Here are some well-known examples of medical malpractice that result in a lawsuit being filed.

1. Anesthesia Negligence – Anesthesia mistakes typically occur during surgeries, however they can also affect pregnant patients during labor or delivery, pre-op patients or those in recovery, patients having dental surgery and more.
2. Cardiology Medical Errors – Failure to suspect, diagnose or treat a heart attack or other cardiology problems, resulting in personal injury or even death of the patient, represents a serious case of medical malpractice on Maui.
3. Emergency Hospital Negligence – Doctors or other hospital employees who are careless, do not have the proper skills or ignore the Hospital rules and emergency procedures may be held responsible for medical malpractice on Maui.
4. Failure to Diagnose a Patient Correctly – Failure to diagnose meningitis or other serious health problems in a patient is unacceptable. Our medical malpractice attorneys on Maui will make sure those responsible will suffer the consequences of their wrongful actions.
5. Failure to Identify Complications During Pregnancy – Failure to identify and treat complications on time during pregnancy often times results in injury or death of the patient.
6. Failure to Properly Monitor a Patient – Failure to monitor post-op patients or those who have suffered a trauma can lead to failure to diagnose further complications. When this leads to personal injury or death of a patient, a medical malpractice case can be filed.
7. Nursing Home Abuse – Failure to offer emotional, physical and psychological support to nursing home patients, in order to maintain a good quality of life, can be considered medical malpractice and those involved may be held responsible.
8. Prescription Errors – Prescription errors are a common occurrence in the United States. The use of prescription medicine and the increasing number of patients taking multiple prescription drugs is astonishing.
9. Plastic Surgery Negligence – Negligence during a cosmetic surgery procedure can often lead to complications. Contact our legal team today to initiate legal action.
10. Pathology Negligence – Incorrect diagnoses that leads to unnecessary surgery represents a serious medical error. Our medical malpractice attorneys on Maui find this unacceptable and are ready to initiate legal action on your behalf.

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