Maui Slip and Fall Lawsuit – 7 Common Myths and Misconceptions

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Maui Slip and Fall Lawsuit

Did you know there are several myths and misconceptions that surround the concept of a Maui slip and fall lawsuit?

Personal injury attorneys often deal with these types of incidents because they occur frequently for a variety of reasons. Wet floors or other circumstances that could cause someone to slip and fall are, more often than not, common causes for filing a Maui slip and fall lawsuit.

With so many official complaints being filed though, it can be difficult for many to discern reality from misconceptions. Below are some of the most common stigmas that revolve around this type of personal injury cases.

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, it helps to learn whether or not you should seek the assistance of a lawyer.

Slip and Fall Lawsuits Maui

Myth #1: “Accidents happen”. There’s no need to file for a Maui slip and fall lawsuit

Nobody wants to intentionally get injured. However, just because “accidents happen”, you shouldn’t assume that you don’t have a case. Indeed, many “accidents” are wholly preventable risks that were never fixed or warned about. Consult with a lawyer right away if you were injured on someone else’s property.

Myth #2: The presence of a “wet floor” sign means you have no case

Yellow “wet floor” warning signs are placed in order to prevent an accident on someone else’s property. However, if someone was negligent in cleaning the premises, or the signage was inadequate, you may have the right to file a Maui slip and fall lawsuit. Consult a personal injury lawyer immediately if you think someone was at fault for your fall.

Myth #3: Serious physical injuries are necessary to win a Maui slip and fall lawsuit

Suffering from physical injuries is clearly a reason to ask for compensation. However, you may also be compensated for loss of work, problems performing daily activities or disruption of your social life.

Myth #4: Slip and fall lawsuits on Maui are impossible to win without enough evidence

The immediate moment after a slip and fall accident is typically cause for embarrassment. People rarely stop to think about collecting evidence. However, this does not mean that you don’t have a case. Surveillance footage regularly captures the entire incident on video. An experienced attorney can advise you in situations such as these.

Myth #5: You can file a slip and fall lawsuit on Maui whenever you like

The statute of limitations in Hawaii states that there is a 2 year time limit to file your Maui slip and fall lawsuit. Generally speaking, the countdown starts the moment the accident happens, so it’s recommended you consult a personal injury attorney right away.

Myth #6: Property owners are always required to compensate your for your injuries

The party at fault should always be responsible for causing you injury. However, property owners cannot be held liable for your own negligence. If you slipped and fell because you were distracted, the property owner may not be at fault, or there may be comparative negligence between yourself and the owner. An experienced personal injury attorney can analyze the facts of your case and give you their advice about whether to file a lawsuit or not.

Myth #7: You can win a Maui slip and fall lawsuit even without an attorney

Many people forgo hiring an attorney because they think they can “deal” with the at-fault owner and/or their insurance companies themselves. However, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Many times, insurance carriers or property owners deny liability for slip and fall cases. Even when they do admit liability, they will almost always attempt to offer an amount much less than what you deserve to make up for your losses.

Our personal injury attorneys have the experience needed to deal with insurance companies and the expertise to secure the compensation you rightfully deserve.