Negligent Security or Supervision Lawsuits on Maui

If you’ve been assaulted or injured and believe that an establishment could have done more to protect you, you may have a case of negligent security or supervision on Maui.
When an assault occurs on a private property or at your workplace, or if poor security measures facilitated the assault, you may be entitled to file for a lawsuit against the property owner for negligent security or supervision on Maui.
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Negligent Supervision on Maui


Negligent supervision on Maui refers to various contexts, included but not limited to supervision of children, adults or employees.
For instance, if a supervisor is aware of harassment occurring in workplace, but fails to take the necessary steps to stop or prevent it, they may be held accountable for negligent supervision.
A negligent supervision complaint can be filed if the plaintiff was harmed as a result of failure to be supervised in a responsible manner.

Some examples of negligent supervision on Maui may include:

● failure to properly look after children and minors, resulting in injuries
● allowing underage children to consume alcohol, resulting in alcohol poisoning or car accidents
● neglecting to supervise assisted living patients, resulting in injuries or accidents
● failure to stop and prevent sexual harassment at a place of work
● allowing employees to persists with bullying, violence or other types of misconduct at the office

Negligent Security on Maui


Negligent security on Maui is a type of premises liability that holds property owners accountable for injuries or damages that occurred on their property.
For instance, if the owner of a commercial or residential property fails to provide adequate security measures, there’s a chance someone can get injured on the premises.
In this case, the injured person can file for a negligent security lawsuit.
A negligent security lawsuit asserts the property owner did not respect their legal duty to ensure safety.
Injuries in a negligent security case could be caused by robbery, assault, rape or battery.

Examples of negligent security on Maui may include:

● lack of security guards at an establishment
● poor security lightning around the premises
● absence of security cameras to monitor crime activity
● improper maintenance of security systems installed on the premises
● insufficient security measures for buildings situated in high-crime areas

What to do if you were a victim of negligent security / supervision on Maui


If you were injured or if a loved one has suffered as a consequence of negligent security or supervision on Maui,
you can initiate legal action based on the evidence that the defendant did not enforce reasonable security measures to protect the victim from a foreseeable incident.
Negligent security and supervision assumes that the injury or crime could have been prevented by using appropriate security measures or by following protocols.
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