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Slip and Fall

(Premises Liability)

Maui Slip and Fall Attorneys

(Premises Liability)

Our Slip And Fall Attorneys In Maui

Our slip and fall lawyers in Maui help victims suffering from negligent conditions causing these types of injuries.

According to the CDC, more than eight thousand people in the United States need emergency medical care due to a slip and fall each day. 

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

Hawaii is no exception. Several years ago, the Hawaii Free Press reported a $5 million verdict for a slip and fall case. The plaintiff suffered a disabling spinal injury when she slipped and fell on a slippery floor in a fast-food restaurant.

While not every slip and fall case results in such a large court verdict, serious injuries occur.

Work with our personal injury attorneys to explore your rights if you ever experience a slip and fall injury in Hawaii.

Whether it's at a hotel, restaurant, store, other commercial establishment, or even private property, "slip and falls" are really any hazard that the premises owner knew or should have known and failed to warn you about is responsible for your injuries as a result of being hurt from that hazard. Examples of hazards include puddles of liquid, hidden holes, and inadequately maintained stairs. This is known as "premises liability."

Premises Liability Lawyers in Maui

Suffering an injury because of a slip and fall on someone else’s property (commercial or residential) in Hawaii gives you the right to seek compensation if negligence occurred.

Injuries leading to medical costs, pain & suffering, loss of income, and other losses need compensation if the property owner’s negligence played a significant part.

Negligence occurs when the property owner knew or should have known about any hazard which causes the slip and fall. Hazards include slippery floors, hidden holes, and poorly maintained stairs.

It doesn’t matter whether the negligence and injury occurred in a Hawaiian hotel, store, restaurant, or any commercial establishment. Also, private property owners must avoid hazards causing injuries to visitors.

Hawaii lawyers call this “premises liability”.

We represent slip and fall clients in Maui. That’s why residents, tourists, and visitors refer to us as the “Slip & Fall Lawyers in Maui”.

What To Do After The Slip and Fall:

Lay Still

Slip and fall injuries may result in broken bones, head trauma, spinal or neck injuries, or internal bleeding. Your body goes into shock after the fall. You may experience dizziness, headaches, nausea, body numbness, or pain. Don’t get up.

Call 911

Or the local police for help. Lay still while your body remains in shock. Don’t let others try to help you up as they may worsen your injuries. Stay calm.

Wait For The Ambulance

To arrive where trained medical specialists can assist you. Let them examine you to determine whether you can get up or moved to an ambulance.

The Police Will Arrive To Collect Evidence

And witness statements, while trying to evaluate what caused your fall and whether you experienced injuries. They will prepare an accident report which will summarize what happened.

Don't Make Statement

Don’t say anything you’ll later regret. Speak with one of our Maui personal injury attorneys to protect yourself before speaking. Avoid saying you feel fine or apologize for causing the accident. Defendants and their insurance companies will use those statements against your claims. They’ll allege you admitted it was your fault.

If You Are Unable To Sit Up or Stand

Ask whomever you came with to gather important information. Like the name and contact information for all witnesses. It’s important to take photos of you and the scene of the fall including what caused your fall.

We emphasize the importance of photos, witnesses, and evidence during the accident to help us win your case.

After You Leave

All the evidence gets cleaned up and potential witnesses disappear. Did the property employees place warning signs near a wet floor or none at all? Were the stairwells poorly lit? Any apparent construction defects? Proving these helps your claim.

Video Footage

Many commercial establishments maintain video coverage. Was your slip and fall in Maui videotaped? The footage of your fall becomes valuable evidence.

Get Medical Treatement

Even if you feel like getting up and walking, its best to wait for the medics to check you out after your slip and fall. Neck and back injuries take a day to fully appear.

Don't Accept Any Payments

Don't accept financial recovery from the property owner’s insurance company before you consult with an attorney.

Do I need a Lawyer for a Slip and Fall?

Let our attorneys do all the insurance claims paperwork and legal processing for you. It’s complicated. That’s why we’re here to help you.

Our locally based Maui slip and fall lawyers with deep community roots will advocate your rights for compensation. Let us deal with all the unpleasant paperwork. We’ll assist you with your treatment plan.

We’ll negotiate with the property owners and their insurer to get a fair settlement of your claims. We’ll stand up for you if the insurance carriers and property owners attempt to blame you for the accident. Don’t worry, it’s a legal tactic as some insurers and property owners attempt to gain leverage in the negotiations.

If negotiations don’t result in fair compensation for your injuries and losses we’ll take the next step. Filing a lawsuit on your behalf to seek justice and maximum compensation for your injuries and losses.

The Attorney-Client Relationship

Just like finding a good doctor, you need a lawyer that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

We are a family firm. We treat our clients the same.

You don't owe anything

Unless we win your case.