What Does a Maui Slip and Fall Accident Attorney Do

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Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

Do you know what a slip and fall accident attorney does and why you should hire one to help your case?

Slip and fall accidents are not uncommon. Everyone has slipped or tripped at least once in their lives. In fact, according to the CDC study in 2016, falls are the leading cause of injury and death in older Americans. But even though some slip and falls happen when it’s no one’s fault, some slip and falls are caused by someone’s negligence and may constitute a reason to file a lawsuit.

When a person or an entity is at fault for causing you harm, you may need to hire a slip and fall accident attorney on Maui sooner rather than later. If you have suffered an injury as a result of a fall on someone’s property, here’s why you should look for a good lawyer right away.

Slip and Fall Lawyer Maui

A slip and fall accident attorney on Maui can help you prove liability

In order to build a strong case and win, you need to prove the other party was at fault for your accident.

A good slip and fall accident attorney on Maui can help. Together with your lawyer, you should be able to gather the necessary evidence to prove that the defendant’s negligence was the problem that caused your injury.

Although a car accident or a bike crash case can be easier to handle, slip and fall accidents are often more subtle and complex.

First, you need to confirm with your slip and fall accident lawyer how your accident occurred. Simply stating that you fell down the stairs is not enough to prove liability. It’s important to try and remember what happened and describe the incident with details.

After you have established the circumstances of your accident, your lawyer needs to prove the defendant is at fault for your fall. Property owners are not legally responsible for the plaintiff being clumsy, but they can be held accountable for their property not being reasonably safe.

A good slip and fall accident attorney will visit the premises, examine the scene and review the applicable laws that could determine the defendant’s negligence.

Your slip and fall accident lawyer can help you prove damages

Every personal injury case required the plaintiff to document their injuries. Simply saying you have suffered from the fall is not enough to prove your damages.

Furthermore, your lawyer should also help you prove your loss of income. If applicable, you should provide your attorney with your employer’s pay records and other proof of loss of income they require.

Hiring a good lawyer is your best chance to win a slip and fall accident case

Making a claim with a property owner’s insurance company can be difficult if you pursue your case on your own. Filing a lawsuit on your own is even more complicated and daunting. If you are convinced you can file a claim and win, then consider hiring a professional to fight on your behalf. And even if you are unsure, it’s still a good idea to contact an attorney to review the facts of your case.

A good slip and fall accident attorney has the necessary expertise to offer a quick assessment of the validity of your claim, negotiate with insurance companies that won’t pay, and represent you throughout any claim process and/or lawsuit.